szoter is easy to use, free, online image annotation tool. It makes expressing Your ideas and thoughts easy. It can be used to share Your ideas with friends, highlight important parts of images or even to create readable bug reports. You can use szoter, to manipulate images loaded from Your harddrive or downloaded directly from internet. Want more... annotate images captured with Your webcam or simply, take a screenshot of Your desktop.

This annotation tool will streamline your work and your collaborations

Do you need to quickly mark an important part of an image? Is it important to you to point to a certain detail in a picture? Do you want to be able to easily highlight a certain section of a screenshot? Do you need to be able to quickly draw something on an image and forward it? Do not explain it in writing, mark it with szoter! This online annotation tool will allow you to get your message across in a quick and easy manner.

A picture instead of a thousand words

Mark what you need to communicate instead of writing lengthy explanations

Instead of a chain exchange of chat messages or sending several e-mails, it will take a single image, which will visualise exactly what you mean. It will save you a lot of time or frustration resulting from the fact that somebody might misinterpret your viewpoint. Szoter will come in handy in managing projects, in your contacts with co-workers and customers and in your private use, e.g. when communicating with your friends.

Easy to use online annotation tool

Szoter is a free online annotation tool, which also enables tracking errors and issues. It is user-friendly and comes in handy in everyday use, when you need to mark something, highlight a certain element or simply add an annotation on a picture, an image or a screenshot. It becomes indispensable when you need visual feedback from co-workers or customer or when you need to communicate visual information. This tool becomes vital for cooperation as it enables you to point out errors or defects as well as highlight strong points of a given solution.

What are the features of a good online annotation tool?

On our web page, once you launch the editor, you will see the following options: load local image, capture camera image, make screenshot and load from URL. Having loaded the image, you can proceed with its processing. Szoter enables adding texts, marking important elements with a shape, a line, a frame, a circle or marking edited areas. Annotations can be saved to your hard drive, rendered available to other individuals via a generated link or shared through social media: Facebook and Twitter.

Who benefits from using an online annotation tool?

As an online annotation tool, szoter is widely used by individuals from various lines of business. It will benefit anyone, who needs to receive or communicate feedback, e.g. quickly mark something with an annotation or a drawn marker. Our tool has its use at offices, agencies and universities. If you are running an Internet-based business and you stay in touch with customers who need to communicate information regarding the solutions you develop, send them a link to szoter. If you work with a graphic designer or a photographer, an online annotation tool will be great for quick and easy communication of your suggestions as to how a given project could be improved. Individuals working with texts will find it easy to add notes or highlight text sections in documents they create or edit. Some will use this tool to point out an error or, on the contrary, to highlight something they find praiseworthy ;)

These are only a few examples, as the list of szoter users is quite extensive.