Annotely is easy to use, free, online image annotation tool.

Annotate, draw and highlight any image

Works on desktop and mobile.

It makes expressing Your ideas and thoughts easy. It can be used to share Your ideas with friends, highlight important parts of images or even to create readable bug reports. You can use Annotely, to manipulate images loaded from Your harddrive or downloaded directly from internet. Want more... annotate images captured with Your webcam or simply, take a screenshot of Your desktop.

load your picture,
take a screenshot
or capture an image,
then annotate,
add text,
and save to disk

Learn about Annotely
  • Capture Your screen
  • Capture Your mood via webcam
  • Load local & network images
  • Scale & rotate any image
  • Annotate with lines, rectangles, circles, arrows
  • Quickly sketch any shape
  • Add text comments
  • Adjust colors, outlines and size
  • Easily crop Your workspace
  • Save and share with friends
  • No login nor registration required
What do I need to use it ?
  • Any modern web browser (i.e. IE)

Where to use it ?
  • highlight picture elements
  • add comments to images
  • quickly draw Your idea
  • create readable bug reports

Annotely API
currently the only extension available, is possibility to load images from url's passed as a GET parameter on startup. Annotely accepts images in png, jpg and gif formats.
see example to learn how to use it